The Olympics Win

This week as we continue to celebrate the Tokyo 2020 Olympics we are hearing the wonderful and inspiring stories of the lives of the athletes and the sacrifices they’ve made to get to this point. More than that, we are seeing their character and care for one another even at the height of competition.

Sunday, high-jumpers Gianmarco Tamberi of Italy and Mutaz Essa Barshim of Qatar flawlessly jumped the high jump at 7 feet, 9 1/4 inches. But neither of them could clear the bar at a higher level after the three attempts given in their competition.

According to the rules, they could either continue to compete with a jump-off until one man finally triumphed over the other. Or, they could share the gold.

“Can we have two golds?” Barshim asks the official.

Before the official could even finish his response, Barshim reaches out to Tamberi, and they shake hands. Then they hug. Then they run around the field celebrating. The crowd went wild.

These moments matter. These are the moments that remind us of the goodness in the human heart. Collaboration has just as much a place in this world as competition. Both are needed. Competition heightens our skills and teaches us bravery and perseverance. Collaboration joins us at the heart, teaching us generosity and gratitude.

It turns out that these men were friends before they stepped onto the field that day. They had competed before and had helped one another on and off the field. Sharing the gold medal was a beautiful way to extend that friendship. It was also a beautiful way to remind the rest of us that Love wins.

We are in this together,


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