We are walking into a future marked by the challenges of global warming, political unrest, technology, globalization, and the unraveling of institutions. As we come upon new horizons, we cling even more to connection and promise. Searching for the Sacred: Sixty Meditations on Faith, Hope, and Love is a devotional book of stories and parables that gives the reader hope, insight, courage, and resilience. Readers to set aside 30 minutes a day, beginning at any time of the year, to engage one of 60 meditations and the accompanying scriptures and to consider the questions tying the daily thoughts together, creating a meaningful time of reflection. In addition to personal devotional time, Searching for the Sacred can be used in class and small group settings.

This Bible study guide makes the Bible easier to understand with clear breakdowns of each of its 66 books, from Genesis to Revelations.

  • Tools for Bible study—Discover synopses, important themes, and key verses to help you understand the context and essence of each book of the Bible.
  • Reflection questions—Dive deeper into scripture with thought-provoking questions that facilitate further study.
  • Group discussion guide—Use this book alone or as part of a Bible study group, with discussion questions to guide your group’s conversation.

Faith is a beautiful lifelong journey of getting to know God―and yourself. Follow the path with 60 Days of Faith for Women, a flexible choice in daily devotionals for women that features Scripture passages, insightful stories, and journal prompts.

“Cameron Trimble invites the reader on a spiritual journey they won’t regret taking.” ―Rev. Dr. John C. Dorhauer, General Minister and President of the United Church of Christ

“Cameron Trimble is already respected as one of our top church consultants and interdenominational networkers, but with Piloting Church, she also distinguishes herself as one of our best religious writers. Highly recommended!” – Brian McLaren, author, speaker, activist

“Not only has this book shaped my ministry, but it has inspired within me a new level of prophetic leadership that is needed in the 21st century. You won’t be disappointed by this book and you will need to have two copies–one copy to share and another copy to read, highlight, and mark up with inspired thoughts that come along the way!” – Rev. Lawrence Richardson, pastor