Date Archives May 2020

We Dare Not

Each of us has days when we are hopeful about the world that might emerge from this pandemic. Then we have days when we are heartbroken with grief over all that has changed and what we have lost. Today, I am heartbroken. I am heartbroken that we live in a world where a 25-year-old black man named Ahmaud Arbery goes out for a jog. Two white men, a father and son, believed he looked like a person responsible for a series of home invasions in the community. They call the… Read More

We Need a New Story

We need a new Story. The “Great Lockdown” is revealing that the old Story we have been using to give meaning to Western life can’t handle our new reality. The old story promotes individualism, “us” vs. “them” duality, inequality and a relentless consumerism that was driving us and the planet to death. Now, we get to create a new story about a new world that is possible because of this global pandemic. What kind of world shall we create? What do you want to be able to say about yourself?… Read More

Just a Little More Light

We’ve passed a meaningful milestone. We have now lost more Americans to COVID-19 than to the Vietnam war. That number is hard to take in: 63,538 souls so far. It’s all so terrible. Where we go from this “dark night of the soul,” seems hard to discern. Moving forward toward a better world while heartbroken for those we leave behind is a torture I had not considered when this began. We must hold on and let go. I hope you are being gentle with yourself. I don’t want to rush… Read More