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Good Trouble

I’ve been among the privileged to be with Rep. John Lewis on a few occasions over the past few years. During many of the meetings, I listened to him tell a story of when he as a young teen. He would go to visit places like Selma or Birmingham or Montgomery. He would see signs on the building entrances that said, “Whites Enter Here,” and “Blacks Enter Here.” When he went home, he would ask his mother and father why those signs existed. They said, “That is just the way it… Read More

Parents are Getting Desperate

“The rich and the poor meet together; the Lord is the maker of them all.”– Proverb 22:2 Parents all over the world are stressing out. What are they going to do with their children this fall? How will they continue their education if they can’t go to school? What if they go to school and then contract the virus?  In response, we are seeing a radical acceleration of creative solutions. One parent noted in an online emergent leadership group, “Almost overnight, social media groups and parenting networks are exploding with facebook groups, matchups, and spreadsheets… Read More

The Source of Anxiety

I was in a cohort of business leaders from around the world. One was from Zimbabwe, one from Amsterdam, and one from Paris. We were exploring the question: “What do we wish for this emerging world?” “I don’t want to go back to how I was living before,” my colleague in Paris said.   “I wish I could just see what is coming,” said my colleague from Zimbabwe. “I want to read the future and see how this all plays out.” “I love the pace I am living right now. I’m scared of what… Read More

The Root of It All

First, a note of gratitude to you: I took two weeks off from writing this meditation in order to rest, to heal, to listen and to pray. I spent time reading books about antiracism, emergence theory, mysticism…and one trashy romance novel. I walked in the woods and took naps. I paused to listen to my body, listen to the stories of black bodies being broken, and listen to the grief wracking and wrecking us as a culture. Thank you for your generous patience. I’m back.  This week I had the wonderful opportunity to… Read More