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We Are Born With Sacred Knowledge Bundles

Native and South American tribes teach their young ones that when they are born, they carry within them a “Sacred knowledge bundle.” This bundle holds all that they are (essence), all they can be (potential), and all their ways of knowing, being and doing (wisdom). All people have sacred knowledge bundles. So do all other beings. Trees have them. Animals have them. Every being, created by the Sacred Spirit, carries within it unique gifts needed in the world. Those with Sacred knowledge bundles are responsible for sharing their gifts with… Read More

Progressive Christianity and Spiritual Leadership

Have you heard Rev. Cameron Trimble’s interview with Laura Chandler of Sacred Stream Radio? They had a great conversation about Progressive Christianity and Spiritual Leadership. The audio version can be heard on all the major podcasting platforms including Spotify and iTunes, or it can be streamed on their site: Sacred Stream Radio.

Where Is The Hope?

It’s been two months since I wrote to you, and I thank you for your patience. I have been working on other writing projects and enjoyed two weeks of vacation (followed by a bout of Covid). During that time, it seems the world has had a rough go. For the first time in US history, women’s rights over our bodies have been taken away. Mass shootings have taken dozens of lives. Covid is spiking once again. The January 6 Select Committee is revealing the moral failure of our leaders. Europe… Read More