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A Just Economy for a Better World

One of the encouraging byproducts of this time of global lockdown has been the increased curiosity about a global economy that honors people, profit and the planet. More and more books are being published about Eco-civilizations built on an economic philosophy that is just and generous. Entire schools of thought like Modern Monetary Theory offer us new visions of how we can do well while also doing good. I find these ideas hopeful and compelling.  What is less clear is how we move from the capitalist system we have to a… Read More


We’ve now passed 500,000 deaths from COVID-19 in the United States. 500,000 stories. 500,000 dreams. 500,000 people we loved. What we don’t know, what we can’t know yet, are the hundreds of thousands of healthcare workers, family members, and loved ones who walked with them every step of this heartbreaking journey. What we don’t know, what we can’t know yet, is the depth of grief, the trauma of bearing witness to their final passage, and the heroics of care that these brave ones gave without hesitation in this moment of… Read More

May You Be A Blessing

I am co-facilitating a program for a wonderful group of people who wish to deepen their writing by learning to trust their own voices. Each of them has a project that they are working on, but the real work of our program is to generate pathways of deep trust and creativity within themselves.  Recently I talked to them about a powerful moment I had early in my journey of becoming a writer. I was plagued by insecurity and self-doubt. I was paralyzed not knowing where or how to start. Finally, I confessed this to a… Read More

The Price of Failed Leadership

“We wouldn’t be shooting it down. We’d be ramming the aircraft…I would essentially be a kamikaze pilot,” Maj. Heather Penney recalled about her flight on September 11, 2001.  On that day, Penney, then a lieutenant, had her orders. She had to intercept and stop United Airlines Flight 93 from making it to Washington DC. But neither she nor her commander, who was ready to go in another fighter, had any weapons to fire at the hijacked jet. The jets only had dummy bullets, still loaded after a training mission. So the plan was,… Read More

A Reader Asks An Important Question

I find this hard to believe, but this (almost) daily meditation now reaches thousands of people across the world. Each day many of you write to me with wonderful questions, observations, and stories from your own lives. I read each note you send, but I am rarely able to respond directly. That disappoints me because you are gifting me/us with wonderful insights for further inquiry. Here is what I would like to do: You keep writing, and I will take the questions that you offer and respond to those I can… Read More