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You’re OUT!

The greatest year in baseball history had to be 1924. The World Series that year between the old Washington Senators and the New York Yankees was considered a classic. The series was tied at three games apiece, with the final, seventh game played in Washington. In the ninth inning of the seventh game, the score was tied, two to two. New York came to bat.  Three batters up and three batters down. The Washington fans started screaming. Washington could win the game with a run in the bottom of the ninth. The… Read More

An Astronomer Teaches Us About Belonging

On her podcast, On Being, journalist Krista Tippett interviewed astronomer, Dr. Jill Tarter about her work searching for life on other planets. Jill was the inspiration for the main character, Dr. Ellie Arroway, in the 1997 movie Contact staring Jody Foster. She has devoted her career to searching for signals sent from other technologically advanced cultures on other planets. Yes, it sounds crazy. You should listen to her explain it, and I bet she will convince you that it might be the best job on earth. During the interview, I was struck by their conversation about thinking… Read More