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It’s All Grace

Celtic spiritual teacher and author John Philip Newell has just released a new book called Sacred Earth, Sacred Soul. It’s a beautiful text reminding us at just the right moment in human history of the gift of Celtic Christianity, a faith that honors the sacredness of the earth and of the human soul. For Celtic Christians, humanity and creation are interwoven in a beautiful tapestry of interdependence. “It’s all One, everything connected to everything,” the Celtic Christian might say. In his opening chapter, Newell tells us of the story of… Read More

Rediscovering “Good Religion”

Tomorrow I will be hosting a two day Teach-In with Diana Butler Bass on the trends we see in institutional religion. Dr. Bass has been a leading thinker and scholar in this space for many years, bringing a unique ability to understand the global influences that impact our culture and pursuit of the Sacred. In an article published on CNN, she commented on a critical study that came out from PRRI: On July 8, the Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI) released its American Religious Landscape survey for 2020. The report resembled those of… Read More

Hans, The Tailor

Have I told you the story of Hans, the tailor? No? Well, let me begin… Hans, the tailor, was famous through all of the lands for his skill in sewing the perfect suit. Because of his reputation, an influential entrepreneur visiting his city ordered a tailor-made suit. But when he came to pick up his suit, the customer found one sleeve twisted that way and the other this way; one shoulder bulged out, and the other caved in. He pulled and managed to make his body fit.  As he returned… Read More