Date Archives April 2022

Allegiance to Gratitude

On the Onondaga land, shaped by the Haudenosaunee Confederacy, school children begin their day not with the Pledge of Allegiance but with the Thanksgiving Address. They begin their days by expressing their gratitude to all members of the natural world. It begins…

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A Better Economy

I am a partner in a real estate company that tries to provide affordable housing to families living in the Atlanta area. With rising interest rates, I’ve noticed an interesting shift in the business that’s causing me concern.  Typically, when securing a mortgage, you work with a company to lock in an interest rate that’s guaranteed during a designated period while you and the mortgage company are getting the paperwork in place. Lately, I’ve noticed multiple mortgage companies suddenly losing paperwork. Or they can’t get appraisals finished by the deadline…. Read More

A Life Well-Lived

New York Times guest essay writer Tim Urban wrote an article about how we spend time in our lives. He created a graph with circles, each representing a week in the life of someone who would live to 90 years old (see below).  Urban says, “It often feels like we have countless weeks ahead of us. But actually, it’s just a few thousand — a small-enough number to fit neatly in a single image. Once you visualize the human life span, it becomes clear that so many parts of life… Read More