We Pray for Peace

Today, the world bears witness to an unprovoked act of war as Russian troops invade Ukraine. Citizens, living their lives, raising their children, working in their jobs, today huddle in train stations and bomb shelters, trapped in cities as bombs fall around them. I fear we will watch heartbreaking carnage and senseless death.

So we do what people of faith do. Today, we pray.

God of Peace,

In the face of terrible violence in Ukraine:

We pray for global leaders to stand firm, and do all that they can to protect innocent human life.

We pray for the people of Ukraine, that they are spared trauma, violence and death.

We pray for Ukrainian soldiers doing what they can to hold off Russian advances.

We pray for European democratic leaders, that they hold strong to their unity and stand on the values of democracy.

We pray for the Russian soldiers, that they act with compassion and restrain their great capacity for harm.

We pray the Russian people rise up and say, “No!” to violence, aggression and war.

We pray for safety.
We pray for retreat.
We pray for peace.

God, in your mercy, hear our prayers.

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